Veteran to be provided free SAT Test training program

By | December 9, 2016 along with eKnowledge Donation Project have reached its 11th year for providing guidance to their families & students. The SAT Test training program complete program cost around $250 for covering entire course & this has being sponsored under this project. Thus, the cost which a student or the family member has to bear is the delivery charges which sums around $23.70 for DVD, the entire cost of DVD includes the shipping, study material & support for the same. $19.99 for streaming & supporting the students who have opted for Online Cloud Student.


One of the best SAT study guide as well as SAT preparation book & program are available online or can be obtained through DVD. Total semester of SAT study guide program is completed with the combination of 11 hours of video based tutorial, around 3000 SAT preparation files or study materials, numerous interactive tools for diagnostic, practice tests with sample question & more than 100 hours timing which is participated by students. Students are independent of selecting their SAT study guide & SAT preparation book & preparing themselves from home. Extra SAT preparation book is provided to military families over heavy discount rate which varies from 50% ~ 90%.

Marcus Knighton, express thanks for providing such a great opportunity to his son. The support will help his son get into Kennesaw State. 1st Generation also have a comment from Ludwig Breke, saying that he is presently serving the army of US under special operations. He needs to be updated & has revised SAT score to continue his service as Physical Assistant. He was shocked when he went through the best SAT study guide. He mentioned his heartily thanks to all the members who are related to carrying out this project & working over it for the success.

eKnowledge Corporation, one of the most leading trainer in developing software for interactive learning. They donate these SAT preparation study guide or SAT preparation book for free to American military serviceman, their families & veterans.


As part of its hard work to the employee and recollect new enlistees, the Veterans’ Administration (VA) propose educational assistances & benefits to veterans of all divisions of military service. Subjected on what title role you work for and how long you serve, the administration will offer noteworthy monetary aid after the release of their services.

This is the way the government is thankful to the service men & indirectly investing into your future & a positive civilian who can continuously contribute for his country.