Free Test Preparation Sources for Military Spouses

By | October 17, 2016

Veterans Test prep

Most of the online test or the test which meant for the higher studies of a student such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc., are very sturdy and an excellent academic and tutoring support is required to excel in them. For this, every student does hard work day and night, and the result is the admission in some of the best colleges in the world. But preparation for such kind of test requires prodigious test taking inclination.

But now everyone is gifted with the same capabilities. So taking online tuitions, mock exams and papers, and discussion help to build a regular pattern for the child to focus on and hence he/she can easily cope up with the group speed. All these tests check the thinking and strategy of the student. Learning the language of the step is also a big step towards getting a good rank, and in all these situations, only practice will show you the passage.

But taking such classes can be very expensive for the children of the war widows. Luckily there are tons of such courses available online as well as offline for free or at substantial discounts where you get access to video lectures, study material, and practice papers also. These services are paramount to be utilized if you want to get a good rank or to bang the college of your choice. Here are the names of such sites, that I find useful myself.



This is an initiative by the army which offers free SAT preparation and flashcards provided by the Peterson. Here you will get almost seven full SAT and ACT practice papers which are almost similar to the real exam.

The complete analysis of your test is done, and all your mistakes and correct responses are justified with proper explanations. There are some games also which makes the journey of learning a bit easier and lot more interesting for you.

Peterson’s DOD MWR Libraries


This is a great hub for the test preparation geeks of PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, LSAT, and a lot more. Here you can find all the standard practice exam and test preparation papers. The most famous thing about this portal is the last minute tips for the exam, quick quizzes and  stress busting techniques which help a long way in increasing your productivity during the exam time.



This one is the best according to me. Here you will get access to software worth 200 USD. The program offers the test preparation software for the SAT and ACT. But to access this service, your one parent should be either active-duty service member, veteran, Reserved and Guard forces. This program is supported by different foundations and hence is available for free to only the military families. According to this program developer, their aim was to keep with the pace of the student and hence he can do the practice according to his goals and time.

Whatever the pattern all these courses may follow, but the same goal that they have is the help of those who need this, the children of the military spouses. Hope that all these kids get what they desire. Good Luck.