Veterans Camp Hypoc

Veterans for 9/11 Truth requested more information about the upcoming Camp Democracy events in Washington, D.C. beginning September 5, 2006. Our goal was to tell the Truth about 9/11 to these people who advocate peace. The Veterans for 9/11 Truth are banned, from Camp Hypocrisy.

V911T Email to Camp Democracy 08/02/2006:
I am co-founder of Veterans for 9/11 Truth. I am interested in the $100
covers tabling Sept. 5 – 21, the entire camp.

This paragraph, “Note Regarding Tabling:” on the page seems to say that some handouts and
literature etc could be prohibited. I would like that clarified
before we get the table if you could please.

Thank you,

Response from Camp Democracy 08/04/2006:
Hi – Thanks for writing.

The Camp’s themes are : End War: Peace, nonviolence, accountability, and
impeachment | Human Rights: Civil Rights, Immigrants Rights, Workers
Rights, Women’s Rights, Voting Rights, Katrina | End
Corporate Welfare, Meet Human Needs: Healthcare/ Energy/ Education/
Environment | Communications and Creativity: Hands-on Media and Arts

The Camp, by a decision of its steering committee, is not including 9/11
conspiracy themes, and is not accepting sponsorship from 9/11 conspiracy
groups. 9/11 conspiracy materials may not be sold, or given away for a
donation, at the event.

Best wishes,

Charlie Jenks

V911t Reply to Camp Democracy 08/05/2006:
Dear Mr. Jenkins,

First, we are not a 9/11 Conspiracy Group, we are a 9/11 Truth Group. If you want to send an email to a 9/11 Conspiracy Group, I think their email is

I am very surprised that you are banning speech about 9/11 Truth. Is there something that you don’t understand about the freefall collapse of Building 7, or the bombs in the WTC towers? If we can help you to understand the evidence we will be more than happy to help.

I feel that Camp Democracy owes an explanation to us, and the people of America. Can you please explain your book burning/banning posture?

Alfons v911t


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